Welcome to Thankful Missionary Baptist Church

Savannah, GA

Reverend Paul A. Sheppard, Pastor

Our Mission
To advance the kingdom of God through preaching, teaching and living the Gospel

Our Theme for 2014
Embracing the Vision and Possessing the Promise (Nehemiah 2:13b; 4:6)

Core Values 
Demonstrating Faith, Love, Service, Obedience, Responsibility & Holiness

Sunday School
: 9:30 am Every Sunday
Early Service: 8:00 am 1st & 2nd Sundays
Worship Service: 11:00 am Every Sunday
Communion: 2nd Sunday (both services)

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 April 20 - Sunday
Resurrection Sunday
6:00 am Sunrise Service
7:30 am Breaksfast
9:00 am Easter Presentations
10:00 am Worship Service
 April 21 - Monday
6:00 pm H.E.I.R.S. Rehearsal
7:00 pm Daughters of Judah Rehearsal
8:00 pm Handmaidens of God Rehearsal
 April 22 - Tuesday
6:30 pm Prayer Meeting
7:00 pm Bible Study
8:00 pm Sunday School Review
 April 24 - Thursday
6:30 pm Sanctuary Rehearsal